Worx Robot Mower Rollout

A bespoke design a manufactured display solution for a Robot lawn mower in a retail environment

Client: Worx

Description: Supplier of Garden & DIY equipment

Customer Brief: Design and develop an in-store display area required for the demonstration of a high-end robotic mower. The product must be clearly visible whilst functional and safe for the general public to observe

Challenge: The robotic mower needs a large space to properly demonstrate its capabilities. The new display table needed to be large and have a good view from as many angles as possible. POS was a large factor being in an area with many different brands, it needed to stand out from the rest. The mower requires a constant power supply so we needed to include this in the design allowing for connection to the mains from the ceiling.

Solution: We created a box design made up of 4 individual units allowing for adjustment on site for an uneven floor in a conservatory area. Having a clear area for the mower to manoeuvre around was of the upmost importance. We created a design with barriers for the safety of the general public as well as the product. Each box was screen printed with the Worx logo as well as informative product information on a large POS display spanning the rear of the unit.

We not only designed and manufactured these units, we installed them complete with the mowers obtaining sign off from the store managers and leaving them with quite an impressive in-store demonstration display which certainly caught the attention of customers.


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