Wine Tower

A compact Display to Hero specific wine brands and promotions instore

Client: Retailer with Multiple outlets Description: Local conveinience retailer with multiple outlets across the UK

Customer Brief: To design a display solution that would be able to be shopped 360 degrees but also look suitable placed at the end of a gondola run or up against a wall, must have space for promotional information as well as individual product details.

Challenge: We needed a small footprint display that would be suitable for high footfall and also allow for the display of products 360 degrees,

Solution: We developed a circular display, with tiered shelves that could be adjusted or removed as the merchandising plan required, a bespoke circular centre post design with an adjustable sturdy base allowed for the unit to be positioned and levelled anywhere instore giving the optimal display for the product range. Additional POS and label solutions provide all the ticket placements required with simple adjustments for any changes in the display layout.


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