Workwear Display Rollout

A bespoke design a manufactured display solution for workwear within a large store format

Client: B&Q

Description: Large Multiple Site DIY Retailer

Customer Brief: Create a dedicated area within the store estate that will promote the workwear offering by raising the workwear profile in store.

To enhance and maximise the workwear category by creating a shop within a shop space that would encourage the customers to browse and try on workwear clothing and boots and drive sales in workwear..

Challenge: To create a new layout in store that would raise the in-store profile of workwear by being much more inviting and easier to shop. To give the customer a relaxed clothing store feeling in an alternative environment. The units and fixtures needed to be very robust as they are in a high traffic stores, this renders the equipment subject to potential damage due to mechanical handling being in operation, customers with heavy trolleys and cleaning equipment etc. The units needed to be very easy for the staff to merchandise and for the customers to shop. In most cases the area will be a non assisted sale so the purpose of the area and the messaging needed to be very clear.

Solution: Creating a cohesive area focussed on one in store category with high visual impact.

This was achieved by designing multiple freestanding units to showcase the jackets, trousers and footwear. The outer walls are utilised to best effect with clothing rails and arms to showcase the products. Strategically placing impact proof mirrors so that customers can try the clothing and footwear on. Seating space at the footwear units to assist the customers purchasing journey. Close attention was paid to the longevity and sustainability of these units by making them very flexible in that they can be easily rebranded and repurposed.


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