Getting Busy in Despatch

Lots of orders and rollouts coming together in the packing area.


Darren Whittingham

3/9/20231 min read

A walk through our despatch area today highlighted the amount of work we have going through the factory at the moment, pallets and pallets or individually boxed and labelled units lined up like an army of soldiers ready to set off to victory, the loading/unloading bays were going to be busy in the next few days especially as we were in the middle of a huge rollout for a high street retailer with over 400 outlets,

The majority of deliveries direct to stores with the rest going to one of their distribution centres for later store call offs all managed at Cardiem by our ever watchful despatch manager, checking every label and every pallet before it leaves the building.

Its great to see the work going through the factory but even better to see it leaving the building!